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Qualified professionals from the Philippines against the nursing crisis!

A great number of nursing professionals in the Philippines wishes to emigrate – preferably to Europe. However, recruiting from the Philippines faces several hurdles which need to be overcome first: language skills at level B2, the professional’s integration, state recognition of the Philippine diploma, accreditation of the future employer. Our close partnership with our philippine partner (POEA licensed) helps us to mediate for the nursing professionals as well as to alleviate the nursing crisis in our countries. In addition, we take care of the necessary formalities not only for the nursing professionals themselves but also for their future employers.

Several years ago, we were involved in the placement of Philippine professionals in Arabic countries. Thus we are familiar with their society, culture, traditions and ethical expectations. Taking these into account is of great concern to us – from the first contact with the applicants to supporting them later on site.

Our philippine partner in Manila provides a language teacher for the applicants to obtain German language skills at level B2 as well as to teach them about the culture and traditions of their future country of assignment. English language skills at level B2, which might be necessary, require no schooling, seeing as English is the second official language in the Philippines. Two more teachers will be employed in Manila in the near future.