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The easy way to find a doctor or qualified nurse

As a company, you create a precise job profile, as a result of which AV Care Swiss Ltd. submits a selection of suitable applicants to you.

Applicants from the EU: The next step is a free trial work of the applicant for one or two days (company pays for board and lodging, travel to and from the job as well as the provision of time is at the expense of the applicant).

Applicants from non-EU countries: The selection of suitable candidates by the future employer takes place after an interview by video.

Upon signing the contract – AV Care Swiss Ltd. assists in obtaining the residence permit – the first part of the commission, depending on the offer, is to be paid according to the payment schedule. AV Care Swiss Ltd. recruits applicants whose qualifications correspond to the standards HF / FH. Applicants must have a B2/C1 (doctors) or B1/B2 certificate in the language of the country of assignment.

AV Care Swiss Ltd. represents a fast and accurate recruitment of personnel. In contrast to other recruitment agencies, we continue to look after the applicant after the start of the employment and can count on the full support of a contact person. The service in the country of employment, which is free of charge for the applicant, includes the following points:

        • AV Care Swiss Ltd. helps the applicant find accommodation (near the workplace).
        • AV Care Swiss Ltd. accompanies and supports the applicant in administrative procedures and with the validation process.
        • The personal advisor can make a major contribution to the integration in everyday life.
        • The advisor is always available and provides a sense of security on site.

Thus, the company is relieved of the applicant’s integration process as much as possible and can count on the applicants’ full commitment without interruption.

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