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You have a university or college degree in the healthcare sector – we have your dream job

AV Care Swiss Ltd. does not charge a fee on the part of the applicants for any information and services regarding the placement process in Switzerland. We treat every single application with the utmost care, discretion and individuality.

In order to be able to work as a healthcare professional, the recognition of any and all foreign diplomas is required by law. This recognition serves to ensure quality for the Swiss healthcare sector and thus to ensure the safety of the people.

Every application is reviewed individually.

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) is responsible for nursing professional (training must comply with EU directive 2005/36/EG; according to Annex 5.2.2 and/or 5.5.2).

In order for the application to be processed by the SRC, all required documents must be provided. The first part up to the preliminary review by the SRC is free of charge and assesses the eligibility for recognition (within 1 to 2 months). The preliminary review is followed by the final review of the application by an expert (within 3 months). This review costs CHF 600.00. The recognition process with the SRC takes 4 to 6 months from submission to grant (not including compensatory measures).

The medical professional commission MEBEKO IS responsible for medical professionals (the submitted diploma must comply with EU directive 2005/36/EG or the designation covered in the EFTA convention).

In order for the application to be processed by the MEBEKO, all required documents must be provided. The fee will be charged after a written recognition approval has been issued. Once the invoice has been paid, the applicant is issued a registration certificate with the assigned GLN number.

The recognition process with the MEBEKO takes 3 to 5 months from submission to grant.

            • All necessary formalities must be filled in in the target language.
            • Our employees (personal adviser) are at your disposal to answer the questions free of charge. You can discuss your individual needs with your advisor in a personal qualification interview.
            • Furthermore, all necessary formalities are taken care of together. Your personal adviser keeps you informed on the progress of negotiations. We are also happy to help you over the telephone.

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