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AV Care Swiss Ltd.

AV Care Swiss Ltd. is a healthcare placement company. Our skilled employees with many years of experience have been successfully working with partner agencies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey with the extension to African countries. This is reflected in a high degree of empathy, creative thinking and service-oriented action.

AV Care Swiss Ltd. recruits trained physicians, medical technicians and certified nurses from the EU area for Switzerland and from non-EU countries for Germany and Austria for public and private service providers in the healthcare sector (hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes) according to their individual requirements.

AV Care Swiss Ltd. works within the EU and non-EU countries together with specialists in recruitment for the healthcare sector. We are able to recruit candidates with French and English language skills in addition to German-speaking countries.

We treat each and every application with the utmost care, discretion and individuality in order to find optimal solutions for the wishes of our applicants as well as for the demands of the companies. As a professionally acting personnel service provider, we do our utmost to find the optimal solution for all parties involved.

Our services are free of charge for the applicants.

AV Care Swiss Ltd. recruits and brokers

doctors, medical technicians, certified nurses and nurse practitioners from the EU area for Switzerland and from non-EU countries for Germany and Austria with the respective language certificates at level B2/C1 (doctors) or B2 (language competence required for recognition)